PRESS RELEASE #003 - February Newsletter

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PRESS RELEASE #003 - February Newsletter

Post by Charlie Carter » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:34 pm


Chapter I - Introduction
Image Police Officer III+1 Ace Nasonov

I want to welcome you to the first press release of the Los Santos Police Department of 2018! 2017 was quite an eventful year which has seen a lot of changes within the Los Santos Police Department. Now with a fresh Command team and partly Sergeant team, 2018 will be a completely new chapter for the Department. Even only two months into the year, there are quite a lot of plans for this year, some of which are for example the Public Relations Division becoming more active as well as starting to work on new department-wide events, so expect to see some in the upcoming months.

Another very important point that needs to be addressed is that the Recruitment and Training Division will re-open recruitment on the 3rd February of 2018 without any plans to close the recruitment any time in the near future, so do not forget to stay informed regarding that, if joining the Police Academy is something that interests you. The process is fairly simple, you are now able to send in your applications, after which it will be reviewed by Recruitment and Training Representatives who will evaluate every application to determine whether the applicant will be inducted into the Police Academy of the Los Santos Police Department. We wish applicants the best of luck.

Like always I also still want to encourage everyone to take part in Ride Alongs as I'm also someone who enjoys taking someone with me on my daily patrols. If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or just want to talk about your encounters with the Los Santos Police Department, you are able to always reach me at the e-mail listed down below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Chapter II - Los Santos Flood
(Amateur picture of the flooded Interstate 25 in Idlewood)

On the 27th of January 2018, Los Santos got hit by a storm that it hasn't seen before. What started just as a simple rain storm in the evening ended up as a flood, forcing most of the city as well as the county outside of Los Santos to evacuate to Commissioner Hill, where temporary shelters with trailers were being set up. On that day all emergency-agencies were busy ensuring the safety of the Citizens of Los Santos, forcing a major operation that was the biggest for years. During the flood, a large number of rescue-helicopters were deployed, even with the horrible weather conditions. Helicopters were able to rescue multiple people on rooftops that had nowhere to go, especially in the county north of Los Santos.

However, due to the unsafe weather conditions, one helicopter got struck by lightning, forcing it to perform an emergency-landing out in the Santa Maria Beach. The helicopter was found shortly afterwards and according to our sources, the pilot did survive the incident after being rescued.

To this date we have not received any information regarding civilian casualties, for which the Los Santos Police Department is very grateful for. Last week, a total of 12 police officers from the Los Santos Police Department have received the "Los Santos Flood"-award for their support during the incident.

Chapter III - Crime rate of Los Santos

As of recent events, especially after the fuel shortage, the crime rate within East Los Santos has been rising. Sadly, the Los Santos Police Department was under fire multiple times this week which has forced a drastic popularity within the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau as well as a rise in training in those Divisions. AIR-1 is now being used on a daily basis as well as specialized units being deployed much more frequently in an attempt to counter the illegal activities.

Since the CT&SOB received a new Lieutenant and Commanding Officer, the Patrol Carbine Program, which essentially allows law enforcement officers of the Los Santos Police Department to carry a Patrol Carbine while on duty as the name suggests, has been reopened and is currently in the process of receiving letters of interest from LSPD Officers for it.

The Los Santos Police Department, for example, has achieved a small victory on the 5th February of 2018, when officers were able to seize more than thirty firearms and multiple kilograms of narcotics. All in all, the Los Santos Police Department will continue to fight crime as it always has and adjust to the threats to ensure the safety of the residents of Los Santos.

Please do not hesitate to call our emergency hotline (911) whenever your or someone's life is in great danger. The department will still continue to improve response times for any incident.

Chapter IV - The Los Santos Police Department Sales Lot

We, the Public Relations Division, want to officially announce the shut-down of the Sales Lot which the Los Santos Police Department originally had to sell seized vehicles. It's a topic that might affect some readers since the LSPD Sales Lot always gave you the opportunity to get yourself vehicles for bargain prices as well as the money that was generated being invested back into the Los Santos Police Department. The official reasoning for the shut-down is that after the famous BoTS-incident, government organizations are no longer allowed to sell seized vehicles. We are truly sorry for any inconveniences

The Public Relations Division is, however, as early mentioned starting to again become more active, with recruitment into the Division being pushed. We would be honered to see you in the upcoming events.

Thank you very much for reading.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: To get in touch, call the Public Relations office on 311.
Write: Send your letters to Public Relations Office, Los Santos Police Department, Pershing Square, Los Santos.
Kind regards,
Police Officer III+1 Ace Nasonov
Public Relations Commanding Officer

This has been an official release from the Public Relations Division, Los Santos Police Department. Published by Ace Nasonov - BN#1169--- Approved by Charlie Carter - BN#1106 ©Copyright 2018 - Los Santos Police Department