[OOC] Reception Area Regulations

The publicly viewable reception area of the Los Santos Police Department.
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[OOC] Reception Area Regulations

Post by LSPD » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:34 am

Office of Administrative Services - Administration & Logistics
Reception Area Regulations

To all users of the Reception Area section,

The only topics publicly viewable in each desk of the Reception Area are the "stickied" posts on each board. This subsequently means that:
  • Recruitment Applications,
  • Reinstatement Applications,
  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 Applications,
  • CCWP Renewal Applications,
  • All Firearm Registry topics excluding stickied posts,
  • Ride Along Applications
are all ICly visible only by Los Santos Police Department staff that are related to each section (Recruitment & Training, Internal Affairs, e.t.c.). Exploiting or plagiarizing any of the information found within the above sections/topics equals a disqualification from all sorts of applying procedures/employment proclamations.

The same rules apply to Los Santos Police Department members, where revealing any information from these sections falls under breach of OOC corruption rules set forth by the Faction Team and Executive Staff. It is one of the forms of corruption that may not be committed, even with OOC corruption permissions given. Breaching the corruption rules may lead to a blacklist from the faction.

Thank you for your understanding.

As approved by the Los Santos Police Department Executive Staff and Faction Team Leadership.

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