[OOC] Department Corruption Rules

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[OOC] Department Corruption Rules

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Los Santos Police Department
Corruption Policies

As an Officer and/or Employee of the Los Santos Police Department personnel are not permitted to breach any rules, policies or regulations stated in this corruption policy. Upon signing the Employee Contract personnel openly declare their understanding that the violation of any of the policies or regulations listed below or in the 'Information Section' has the potential to result in an immediate (dishonorable) discharge from the Los Santos Police Department.

Personnel are not under any circumstance whatsoever permitted to:
  • Release, hand out, or sell equipment and property which has been bought and is owned by the Los Santos Police Department.
    ▪ Taser, baton Handcuffs, Firearms, Vehicles, Etc.
  • OOCly divulge information which is purview to the Los Santos Police Department. This applies to both members inside and outside of the department. This includes but is not limited to;
    ▪ Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau Information
    ▪ Detective Bureau Information
    ▪ Command Information
    ▪ Sergeant Information
With 'Corruption Permission' granted (OOC) by SO, personnel may:
  • Release information obtained VIA departmental radio frequencies and information gathered whilst on duty.
    ▪ This may only occur under circumstances cleared by the Chief of Police & Assistant Chief of Police OOCly.
  • Violate any felony laws of the State of San Andreas.
  • Plant evidence on any person or within a person's property.
  • Sell/trade illegal substances, contraband and illicit narcotics.
  • Receive bribes, kickbacks, or be coerced with or without items of monetary value.
  • Associate with convicted violent felons.
Without 'Corruption Permission' granted (OOC) by SO, personnel may:
  • Engage in the use of excessive force within realistic bounds.
    ▪ Do not bludgeon anybody to death.
    ▪ Do not maim anyone.
  • Ignore minor criminal offenses following bearing witness.
    ▪ Do not disregard violent or serious felonies as defined on the Crime Sheet
  • Decrease and increase punishments or fines within reason.
  • Engage in discrete behavior, motivated by prejudice, to a minor degree.
    ▪ Do not publically yell racial slurs or announce your motive for said prejudice.
  • Verbally abuse anybody.
  • Engage in activity defined as 'Corruption of Authority'.
    ▪ Recieve Free Meals, Drinks or Goods
  • Consume illegal substances and illicit narcotics.
    ▪ Do not sell and/or trade them, or deal them away to other people.
    ▪ IC sanctions occur when/if found associating with illegal substances and illicit narcotics.
  • Have sexual intercourse inside of an LSPD-owned vehicle and/or building.
    ▪ IC sanctions occur when/if found doing the act.
Final Note On Corruption
Corruption as a whole should be utilized in two main ways, to benefit law enforcement agendas as a whole or in a manner which is consistent with your well-developed character story. Mindless corruption is not allowed and gives the PD a bad name. Examples are as follows;
  • Your partner was killed by a gang, you now harbor ill-will towards said gang and are corrupt to catch the killer or shut them down.
  • You as a boy, grew up in a family which held unreasonably racist views which rubbed off on you. You now dislike a local Asian community.
  • While on patrol, your leg is broken and you become addicted to pain medication. Your addiction persists long after you heal.
These rules have been authorized by the OwlGaming Faction Management Team (FMT) since January 17th, 2015
Last updated July 30th, 2017.